Running a COVID-safe virtual race

You can hear the cheering crowd before you can even see it. The echo makes its way through the woods, along the trail and finds you tired, breathless and in pain, somehow still managing to get your burning legs to keep moving.

The chants and cheers are interpreted by your brain and suddenly you get a boost – a second wind. Your feet, that you were dragging a second ago, are now taking bounding gazelle leaps. It’s what gets most runners past the finish line: the buzzing energy of all those waiting to celebrate you.

My favourite part of a race is finishing it. The euphoria caused by a cheering crowd and an endorphin high after five, eight, 10 or more kilometres of running is incomparable.

Read more in Glue Magazine.

Published by breanna

Journalism student at Algonquin College Fitness and Health Professional Bilingual FR/EN

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