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Previously a personal fitness trainer and competitor, I left the giant industry of fitness to study journalism. While merging my love of writing, reporting and wellness, I gained professional experience as an interviewer, writer and podcaster. Through that journey, my passion for helping people share their story, create balance in their life and vitality has only grown. A major part of my studies in journalism touched on story telling, which I have a true love and passion for, especially for non-fiction, personal journalism and biographies. I love reading real people’s true stories. However, I was always afraid to tell my own story. I was always denied my reality and invalidated, therefor I doubted my truth. For telling the truth, I was called a liar. I also feared upsetting people by speaking up about what I’ve been through and why I want better for myself. I wanted to protect others more than I wanted to be heard and believed. The thing is, the people I wanted to protect never protected me. And my story can help other people more than protecting my upbringing ever will. So I estranged myself from that toxic system and on one, cool, charming October morning, I read a quote that changed my life by the great Anne Lamott, author of Bird by Bird: Some Instructions On Writing And Life:

“You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.”

I was a competitive, athletic little girl from a small French town in Ontario, Canada. I played many sports, ran track, was a competitive dancer and started working in a fitness club as a teenager. Moving my body was always a way for me to create balance, express myself and deal with life’s stressors. Add competition to it and I came out the captain or leader of my team. From elementary school to this day, I am often called a “positive leader”. I didn’t understand for a long time why people were drawn to me, listened to what I had to say, followed me and trusted me. Later in life after many conversations with all kinds of people, I realized that it is simply who I am.

Having a great disconnect from my biological family, having been abused and betrayed by some of the people I loved the most and depended on as a child, I turned to strangers to feel loved, supported and a sense of belonging. I never felt like I fit in. I searched for my place in every crowd or group of people I met and there was always a place for me everywhere, except in my own home. I started having more hope in humanity and better relationships with strangers than with my own blood. I detached myself from the term “family” and found unconditional love and support from people who had no relation to me, other than common goals and common sense. Being rejected from my family home, alienated and given the label of black sheep or scapegoat from my first words forced me to turn to other people to find relationships, connection or a bond. So my genuine love for people is what connects me to you. I care about people. I care about the collective. I have hope in strangers and belief in your person, no matter who you are, if I know you personally or not. I create stronger bongs with people I just met than the bonds we are born with by default. I love connecting with others and genuinely want to see people live a happy, healthy life.

I can’t say my childhood was horrible, but what I will say is that it is far below my standard of what a childhood should be like. It is far different from the childhood most of my friends had and the complete opposite of what I want to offer my own children someday. One thing that is for sure is that my childhood story shares many common themes among individuals that were brought up by alcoholic parents and left a close-minded community in a small, conservative town. I suffered a lot and the mental pain and exhaustion turned into physical illness before it finally bloomed into tremendous strength and resilience. Abuse isn’t just something I survived, but it’s something all my ancestors lived through. I carry in my person the souls of generations of women and children that were beaten, sexually abused, betrayed, verbally abused, raped, manipulated, psychologically abused and suffered from addiction and mental illness as a result of all this trauma.

This brings me to my why. I always knew I was meant for something bigger. I always had that little fire inside of me that told me, even when I wanted to give up, that I was meant to create change. Then, a very special thing happened and the answer revealed itself to me.

I am a transitional character.

I was born in a very memorable “get-me-out-here” way, which is ironic today as it clearly set a precedent for the rest of my life as a member of my biological family. I was handed many labels and titles within my family system. Most of them set me apart from my siblings in a negative way. I always hated being called “the rebel”. But now, I own it. I am the rebel by definition: a person who rises in opposition against authority. Rebelling isn’t always a bad thing, especially when you are opposing things that go against your true nature, your values and your morals. Today, I am the estranged one–the lone wolf. I am full-time at work as the one that will end intergenerational patters and heal all personal and ancestral wounds so that my own children will be part of a new generation where abuse in the family does not exist. I understand that we do not choose what family we are born into and what patterns we will inherit, but we can choose if we continue the cycle or terminate it. And I decided (or my ancestors chose) that it ends with me.

My desire to help people has always been greater than myself. I root for the vulnerable, the under dog, the scapegoat, the black sheep and the loner. I want people to choose themselves and realize all their potential and strength beyond what they have been told or what they had taken from them–beyond the labels given to them by others. I want to help people take control of their situation, find their light and heal, while giving them great tools to acquire the most important thing in the world: optimal health.

I developed an ulcerative digestive disease in my teens and still suffer from symptoms today, every now and then. I journaled and eliminated all the foods that I thought could be the culprit of this pain and inflammation, but it was never food. It was toxic stress. High levels of anxiety and reliving trauma through flashback episodes literally create physical, bleeding wounds in my intestines. Rest, meditation and therapy helped me heal. I welcomed those memories, acknowledged my truth, accepted it and set myself free. The beautiful thing is that while attempting to eliminate trigger foods from my diet, I did feel better but on a soul level. I healed my trauma without medication, through cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behaviour therapy. I am vegan, and not only does this have a major positive impact on my health but it connects me to the environment and our planet. As I started my healing journey, everything aligned with my true nature and I finally started to experience life as my true self, the real Breanna, not who and what I was told I was by others. I stopped allowing people that did not have my best interest at heart tell me who I am and define my truth. I took responsibility for what I was allowing. You teach people how to treat you based on what you tolerate. What you let people get away with will continue. You are in control by choosing to allow people to wrong you over and over or setting clear boundaries and defining what is unacceptable for you.

Through nutrient dense water, superfoods and plants, you give your body fuel and natural medicine that simultaneously help the mind heal and function at its maximum potential. With a healthy mind and body, we get in tune with our true self and develop the confidence to trust in our person and set those boundaries. The higher your self-worth, the lease likely you will let people treat you poorly. Through healthy nutrition and physical activity, you develop that healthy relationship with yourself and that self-esteem. You create a link that connects the healthy mind and healthy body together and as a result, you become physically and mentally stronger–it becomes one.

I believe that if a person has good mental, physical, social and spiritual health, they become like superheroes among a crowd of people that are following a broken system, suffer and disappear into their screens and issues. And then these superheroes can become mentors and leaders to help the people in that crowd connect with their true, wild nature, their bodies, the planet and their purpose.

Many of us come from broken homes and trauma, and I hope that this can empower you to choose better for yourself and end trauma bonds, generational patterns and/or toxic cycles. If you come from a solid, perfectly imperfect home and had a good childhood, I see you and I appreciate you so much. Families like yours taught me to trust my young self’s moral compass.

We currently live in a world that is very divided and my mission is to bring people together. My role in this world is to be a transitional character and set an example to all the warriors out there who have been chosen to end the patterns, cycles and change the course of their lineage. I sincerely wish that you find peace and create a happy and healthy life for yourself, whatever that may look like for you. This is what I was always searching for. A platform like this would have definitely help me understand what I was going through, why I was the way I was, why I was so disconnected from my family and how to move forward, heal, become as healthy as I can be and master my own person.

This is why Breanna in Balance exists.

I want there to be a platform available to you where we can learn from each other and empower each other to master ourselves, reparent and recreate ourselves into the beings we are meant to be and all become transitional characters for the generations to follow. The work we are doing will change the future. Our light is very dim when we are suffering and completely out of balance, and the world needs our light. Create balance, wellness and vitality for yourself, with me, because I genuinely care about you and you help me grow so much.

So welcome,

I am so very happy you are here.

– B

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