Running a COVID-safe virtual race

You can hear the cheering crowd before you can even see it. The echo makes its way through the woods, along the trail and finds you tired, breathless and in pain, somehow still managing to get your burning legs to keep moving. The chants and cheers are interpreted by your brain and suddenly you get a boost – a second wind. Your feet, that you were dragging aContinue reading “Running a COVID-safe virtual race”

Recipe: Vegan Halloween Cookies

Halloween is only 18 days away. It will be different this year, indeed. But it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Like every other holiday, this crazy year will change the traditions. But it’s our job to make the most of it and keep things fun. Halloween spirit has been alive in our home sinceContinue reading “Recipe: Vegan Halloween Cookies”

Recipe: Vegan Pumpkin Pasta by Breanna

This dish has 9 ingredients and none of them are animal protein or byproduct. It’s a cruelty-free, guilty-free delicious meal that is made with fresh ingredients (no canned purees or processed faux-cheeses). It looks like only two ingredients but has magic powers hiding in its simple, yellow sauce.

Own your truth and tell your story.

I have been reading a lot since the COVID-19 pandemic started. How I choose the next book I will read is unique – a new intuitive method. I decided to purchase and download books, put them in my shelf at home or in my digital library in my phone and pick one up entirely basedContinue reading “Own your truth and tell your story.”

Cancel your gym membership and subscribe to yourself.

Changing my focus has allowed me to not only achieve my health goals but maintain them. Working as a personal trainer, the focus was on losing weight, gaining muscle, becoming thinner and fitter. My entire focus was on my physical appearance. If there is one thing I learned that I share with my clients andContinue reading “Cancel your gym membership and subscribe to yourself.”

What is a transitional character?

I am a transitional character. I carry that around with me every day. I affirm it daily in my mind, in my meditations, in my heart and in every journey deep into myself. I believe there are plenty of transitional characters in the world. Some are on their path to realizing it, others are doingContinue reading “What is a transitional character?”